• Birthday Wish and Perfect Gifts for Birthday

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    A birthday comes only once in the whole year. Neither do we ever grow too old for our birthday nor do we stop wishing for surprises. It's an inscrutable feeling of elation that we have when we wake up in the morning. And imagine if we actually received the perfect gift ! Wouldn't it be just lovely if some one knew us so well that they can pick the right things for us ?

    Well, that's what gifting is all about. It might seem like a chore on your to do list. But to the recipient it means a lot more. It means you've taken out time from your busy schedule and you've put in enough thought to make the person's day special.

    Don't make buying gifts just another entry in your calendar. It's your chance to bond better with your loved ones. When you see the delight on the person's face you'll remember the moment for the rest of the day and smile too. 

    While buying a gift the most important thing to keep in mind is the kind of relationship you have with the recipient. There are gifts that make it seem too personal and then there are casual gifts. A casual gift is relatively easier to choose as compared to a personal one.  You can check out the display shelves at gift shops or explore quick gift sections on the Internet and your search for a casual gift will end. 

    The personal gift on the other hand requires a little more effort, both in terms of time and thought. How long have you known the person, how close are you, and what do you want to exactly express? We all know gifts are the physical representation of our actual thoughts. If thoughts were enough we would never have to actually buy gifts. So , whereas you might think that all greeting cards are the same and all mugs have just something scribbled on them. The person receiving it actually makes an effort to read those very words and interprets them as your feelings. 

    So this year make a list of all the people you care about and explore options for them. Take time to actually read the unseen feelings expressed on a gift and make someone's day even more special. Don't take it as a tiresome chore you'll have to do every year and come to 'logical' conclusions like "if I do it this year they'll expect it every year". That's not how planned anyone's life is. So give in to your impulsive feelings and express them. You'll have that elated feeling too when you wake up on your special day!!

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  • Send Gifts that Express your Emotions

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    Has it been difficult for you to pick up a pen and put down some words for your loved ones? Is it even more difficult to actually have that letter delivered once you’ve written it. Don’t blame yourself. As a human being we live with some fears we can’t seem to shake off. The biggest fear is the fear of being judged. So we hold back on our feelings and with time forget why we even wanted to express them in the first place.

     But whatever said and done, like all other needs in life, we have a perpetual need to be told how much we are loved and wanted. And since we have that feeling, it’s only natural that most people around us live with it too. So, we’d say, let go all your apprehensions from time to time and actually express yourself on a piece of paper. You have no idea the kind of impact a few written words can create.

    We never claimed it was easy to put down this emotion called Love. It is after all such a complex one, and we question ourselves about it every chance we get. So naturally putting down this emotion on a piece of paper for someone else to read would be as difficult, if not more.

    So, here’s a little help from us in expressing your love. To begin with, always date your letter. Preferably put down the time too. This letter will be as precious as an expensive gift for the recipient and will be a keepsake for years to come. The next step is to ask yourself a vital question. What are the feelings that have inspired me to write this letter? This is an important step since it’s the reason why you decided to pick up your pen. Describe your situation in this first paragraph.

    The body of the letter is the most critical part. This is the part you should mention why you initially fell in love with the person. So recall the first rush of love and the special moments you have shared together. The time when you could point out to your loved one even in a crowd and what is it that makes him or her so special as compared to others. Explain how he or she has actually become your other (better) half. Take some time to put genuine thoughts into each of these questions.

     Never make a letter too casual. You might end up hurting the other person if you do. Be confident while expressing yourself and your dreams. Be as expressive as you can be and watch your beloved fall in love with you all over again.

     Once you’ve put down your emotions, go through it once before you drop it in mail. Be as real as possible and send it. That’s it! Once you are done you’ll realize it was a little easier than you initially though it would be. So, go ahead and indulge your beloved this one time. We are sure you’d want to make it a habit after that. 

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  • Gift Ideas and Giving Gift Tips

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    Get some amazing gift ideas and gift giving tips from Giftingnation Gift Guru


    1. Be sure of the true purpose of the gift. Beyond saying the gift is for a particular holiday or occasion, think through how well this gift will express your feelings for this person. To figure this out, ask yourself: How much do I really care about this person? How much time, energy, and money am I willing to spend to select just the right gift for him or her? Let the answers guide you throughout this process
    2. Know more about the recipient. Be observant about his or her favorite items, things he or she might need, or things that would be a meaningful expression of your relationship. Try to remember favorite colors, foods, or beverages. As needed, ask someone else who knows the person, to help learn something that will help you select a special gift. I think most people are willing to help with ideas
    3. Be sensitive to personal and cultural tastes. With such a diverse population in our society, it is important to learn something about a person’s ethnic, religious, and cultural practices along with their personal likes and dislikes, before you present a gift. Take time to learn what’s appropriate and what’s not in different communities to gain insights on what a person would or would not appreciate as a gift. For example, giving a bottle of wine to someone who does not drink alcohol could make the receiver less than overjoyed with your gift.
    4. Know when corporate logos are appropriate. Some times a gift with a company logo cheapens its appearance. The best gifts are those without any company logos or promotion on it, especially when given as special thank-you gift. Logo gifts are fine as small tokens and remembrances for meetings held, not generally as the sincerest form of a thank-you gift.
    5. Use simple and elegant wrapping. Japanese-influenced, understated wrapping is best in my mind. Avoid using brightly colored, bold, heavily patterned paper and a lot of brightly colored, fancy bows and ribbons on the package. Use instead, solid stately colors and quality paper with simple ribbon.
    6. Present your gift with style. The best way to present a gift is always beautifully wrapped and in person. And when you do, present your gift held with both your hands as though you are holding it on a silver platter. This ritual is adopted from Asian culture to show the utmost respect and care. In business situations, when sending the gift by messenger or mail, include your business card with the gift, along with a handwritten note on personal note card or stationary


         7.  Show your appreciation when receiving a gift in person. Always put a smile on your face as a gift is being presented. Receive the gift with both hands (again an influence from the Asian culture). Say thank you along with a brief expression of appreciation.

         8.  Let the giver know as soon as possible when a gift has arrived.Make every effort to let the sender know you received a gift sent by mail or messenger (email,  telephone call or SMS/Ping on messenger is fine). Then follow it up by sending the proper thank-you note as soon as possible

         9.  Be sensitive to opening a gift in front of others. Americans typically open gifts as soon as it is received, even in front of an audience and other groups of people. Know that in many countries it is not customary or appropriate to open gifts in front of other people. They are kept to be opened alone. When receiving house gifts, special guest and speaker gifts, be sensitive as to whether you will or will not be encouraged and expected to open it right away

        10. Know the bottom line. Always, always hand write a thank you note for every gift you receive, no matter what—regardless of       whether you like the gift or not, even if you plan to exchange the gift or give it away. Simply said: Sending a thank-you note is the right thing to do

    Happy Gifting!

    Reference: Syndi Sied

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