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Create an exact 3D replica of new born baby's hands or feet with 3D castings in Bangalore. Preserve every precious detail in a life size 3D replica hand or foot mold statue. 3D casting of Hand and feet sculptures is a unique way to moulded a exact replica of hands, legs, feet, face and belly of your loved ones. 3D casting is a way to replicate your loved ones hands and feet in an exact life sized replica so that you can treasure them as personalised gifts or keepsake or memories to be cherished over the years. Buy 3D casting in Bangalore today!

3D castings in Bangalore

The 3D castings moulded feet or hands will be a everlasting reminder of those new born baby’s moments, and those early years of childhood. The forever 3D castings are also done for couple's to capture their hands or pregnant belly of a woman or father holding baby's hand or legs, or a preserving hands of all family members.

3D castings are hand painted in gold, silver, white or bronze colors. These keepsakes are framed to perfection having the mounted baby's feet and hand impression next to a beautiful photograph, for you and your family to treasure for generations to come. 

Castings can be done for baby hand and baby feet, pregnant belly, you and your partner’s hands, hands of family, face casts, or any body part you wish to get casted. The 3D castings come out with amazing quality and intricate detailing.

3D Castings in Bangalore

The forever 3D castings make a unique personalised gift to be cherished in life. These gifts unlike regular gifts preserve your memories and bring back the childhood, time spent together and people with you always in front of you. You can give these 3D castings as gifts to family and friends so that they could create unique keepsakes for life. 3D castings are perfect personalised gifts for anyone or occasion. Create 3D castings for birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day, father’s day, mother’s day, baby shower or best is to gift yourself a sculpture of your face. So go ahead and get creative. 

3D castings bangalore

The 3-dimensional cast is done in a professional manner in no way disturbing your natural movements. Molding material for 3d casting is of highest quality to ensure there is no allergy on the skin. After you place an order for 3D casts online, our 3D casting partner will visit your home, take measurements, moulding of hands or feet and starts work on the same. Post that it will take 2-3 weeks of time for the final 3D castings to arrive at your doorstep. Get your 3D casting in Bangalore.

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